Month 2 – February

20150217_163809 20150217_163751 20150217_163737 20150217_163720 20150217_163705 20150207_123622

This month was a bit of blur. I tried getting more restrictive with my diet and I was attending classes during the day for Level 1 Electrical. It was very challenging because my sleep was still heavily affected and I had to tape my wrists up most days because they were weeping everyday. I was also cold all the time due to my thinned skin. Laundry was and continues to be a pain because my flaking skin made my clothes very uncomfortable after a day so I had/have to wash clothes and bedding constantly. Staying clean in general was hard to maintain. The itch at night was maddening, so I would usually wake up to really rough looking wrists. PRO TIP: learn how to trim and file your nails. It will save you a lot of agony and potential infection.


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