Month 6 – June

My skin was getting pretty clear before I started, possible due to my increased sun exposure. I also started trying UV Therapy this month. With atopic skin, your only options are light therapy, steroids, protopic or experimental drugs such as Dupilumab. The steroids obviously aren’t going to work for me, I tried a protopic once, I think in 2007, and didn’t care for the greasy feeling it left on my skin. I have also heard through the grapevine that protopic isn’t much better than steroids in terms of rebound flares and withdrawal so that pretty much only left me with light therapy to try. The first few sessions went alright, you have to get them done 3 times a week or so to start seeing results. It kind of feels like you’re being microwaved and that your skin is getting sunburnt from the inside. It sent me into a rather large flare though after repeated sessions and in addition to the summer heatwave that the Lower Mainland was experiencing, I opted out after about 3 weeks.

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