Month 11 – November

This month wasn’t too bad. There was a lot of oozing on my face and especially around my ears which was very annoying. My hands started to get worse for some reason too.

I was able to get an appointment with an allergist this month as well. I tried to explain to her about TSW but she seemed pretty unresponsive to the idea. I think she kind of believed me but she offered me some corticosteroids anyway. Lower dose than what I was taking but I declined them anyway.

My allergy patch test revealed that I was allergic to grass and trees, which I already knew from my days of landscaping. Other than that, not much of note and nothing to really justify this extreme eczema I am experiencing.

The allergist was also able to get me an appointment with a third dermatologist. He repeated what the others had said: atopic dermatitis. Treatments include topical steroids, protopic, experimental drugs or light therapy. I tried to bring up TSW to him, I even brought my laptop with links to various medical research papers and other TSW blogs with cases that mimicked my own. He quickly claimed that he had read everything on it and that it was “controversial”. He didn’t say what the controversy was, as far as I can tell the only controversy surrounding TSW is how slowly the dermatology community is reacting to it’s existence and the continued suffering of thousands of patients.  At this point however, I am not willing to get into an argument with them about it. I’m treating my skin as if it’s AD even though I strongly suspect that it’s TSW. Either way, there’s not much the doctors can do; my body needs to heal on it’s own. However, light therapy seems to be beneficial for AD as well as TSW and since it’s very grey in Vancouver this time of year I decided it couldn’t hurt to resume it.



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