Month 12 – December

This was a really rough month. Not sure why exactly but I think the holidays played a part. I discovered how cheap boxes of wine were and was treating myself to red wine spritzers on a nearly nightly basis. I’m pretty certain the alcohol did a number on my skin and my sleep. On Christmas Eve I decided to have a couple rum and egg nogs, the next morning it felt like all of my joints were swollen as well as my face. Best Christmas morning ever.

A big thing I started doing this month was going back to UV therapy. I was also trying to do moisturizer withdrawal during this time which I cannot recommend doing at the same time; I was really dry which made me really itchy and, as you can tell by the pictures, I tore myself up pretty bad. I might have even had an infection on my hand(s), not too sure but I started experiencing night sweats around this time too.

The first few sessions of UV therapy are pretty bad. It’s like having a sunburn from the inside out. Which is kind of what TSW is like in general but this really exacerbated it. I was really red, itchy and started oozing in places that hadn’t oozed before (legs, collarbone, knees). It was awful. I pretty much stopped doing everything. After a few sessions though my skin had improved quite a lot in certain areas and spots that had been oozing before started to heal.


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