Month 13 – January

This month I celebrated one year without any topical steroids. What a crazy ride it’s been. I’m pretty sure I battled some kind of skin infection during this month. I experienced a lot of night sweats, which was really disconcerting. To combat this I started going to the sauna in my gym. The gym is in my building so I figured it couldn’t hurt. I usually do about a half hour to 40 minutes in there. I try to sit in for 10-15 minute intervals with alternating cold showers. I’ve heard that this may also stimulate the lymphatic system which I need as well; my lymph nodes have been enlarged since I started TSW which is also quite disconcerting. I’m not sure how beneficial the sauna is to my skin health but it doesn’t seem to hurt at all. It’s very comforting actually, I find that I get chills easily since I started TSW as well and my sauna time is usually the only time of the day that I feel warm and comfortable.

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