Monthly Archives: April 2016

I went to my GP yesterday after having a chest Xray and an ultrasound taken of my lymph nodes (I have swollen lymph nodes in my groin, armpits and neck). I also had some blood work done that revealed that I was positive for the ANA antibody. This along with some photosensitivity and joint stiffness I’ve been experiencing made my doctor concerned that I could have Lupus. He is getting me an appointment with a rheumatologist and I’m going to get a biopsy done on my lymph nodes to make sure there’s nothing malignant. I asked him about TSW and told him that a lot of these symptoms also correlate with it but he was doubtful that TCS would cause my lymph nodes to swell to this size (the biggest one was 1.8 cm). I’m a little worried about a Lupus diagnosis but I am also still pretty confidant that I’m going through TSW.

Month 16 – April

This month was pretty tough. I worked landscaping for a lot of it 3 or 4 days a week but even that amount was really challenging. Dealing with a lot of allergens and the sun made me claw at my face, neck and hands a lot. Really delays the healing. I thought getting a lot of sun would be good for my skin but now I’m not so sure. When I was doing UV treatments (which I don’t really have the time for anymore and since the sun is out now, I don’t want to overdo it) I was going in for 2 minutes at a time. Being in the sun for 5-7 hours a day is a lot harder to deal with and my skin was pretty reactive to it.

I’ve been putting a lot of Aztec healing clay on my hands though and I think that it has been helping. I usually just let it dry on my hands or face now to soak up any oozing spots. It also kind of acts like a protective scab and keeps from scratching at those parts (usually). I think I’ve made a lot of progress especially on my right hand, which has been a complete mess for months now.

I also had some blood tests done that revealed that I have some genetic markers for Lupus. My doctor said that it could be a false positive but I’ll need to see a rheumatologist to find out for sure.