Monthly Archives: July 2016

Month 18 – June

This last month has been very challenging, and by challenging I mean hellish. My hands have really been falling apart over the last few months, oozing a lot and not seeming to get any better. In fact, they may be the worst they’ve ever been. The backs of my knees and ankles have also started showing signs of TSW as they have been itching a lot lately and I’m starting to experience more oozing from them whereas before I never really had any issues with them.

But since I’m experiencing all this oozing I’ve decided to try moisturizer withdrawal again. I’ve tried it several times in the best to varying degrees of success. It seems to help heal up my trouble spots initially but after awhile it becomes difficult to maintain having my skin so dry and it’s pretty damn painful having the creases of my hands and knuckles constantly cracked open. It’s like having deep paper cuts all over my hands. So the only thing I’ve been using has been sudocream. I don’t even know if this is the wisest course of action but I’m just really tired of not getting any results from moisturizing every day; it’s expensive and seems to irritate my skin after prolonged use.

My hands seem to go in cycles too. They will start out really dry and cracked and painful but if I can leave the skin on they slowly heal underneath. The skin usually sheds off in the tub or just from me picking and scratching it off, then my hands usually look and feel normal for a few days before the cycle starts again.

It feels never ending and if this is just something I have to deal with in life forever I don’t know how I’m going to manage. Money is getting tight and the only job I’m able to work that pays me a living wage is in landscaping but even that I can only tolerate doing 2-3 days a week. The mix of dust, sweat and constant movement is not ideal.