Monthly Archives: September 2016

Month 21 – Septemeber


This month was pretty good. I’ve been using Vitamin E and almond oil for moisturizing and my skin seems to be tolerating it really well. I’m finding that I rely heavily on my daily epsom salt baths for the thinner parts of my skin to dry out and heal. I’ve also been taking circumin regularly as well as probiotics daily. Not sure how much of an effect those are having but they don’t seem to be hurting and I strongly suspect that my gut biome has been messed up from years of unhealthy eating and there’s a growing body of research to suggest that skin health is directly connected to gut health. Either way, I’m just trying to not rock the boat at this point, continue doing what appears to be working and avoid all of my triggers as much as possible. My skin seems to be getting stronger, it’s still very flaky but the oozing has diminished considerably.

I’ve also decided against going on prednisone. It seems too risky at this point in my recovery to supplement my body with cortisone, I strongly believe that it will only lead to a rebound flare when my course of prednisone is finished and then the dermatologist will most likely move on to prescribing me some kind of immunosuppressant that will weaken my immune system unnecessarily. I’m just not ready for that. If my skin hasn’t improved in 5 years maybe I will go down that rabbit hole but until then I think I can manage my symptoms and try to find some way to make money that doesn’t exacerbate my condition.


Month 20 – August

This month has been up and down. I’ve been battling a flare for pretty much the whole month. I can’t really work landscaping anymore for a few reasons, I can’t commit to a full time schedule, the nature of the job exposes me to way too many allergens and irritants and my boss’ sympathy for my situation is wearing thin.

I also had a dermatologist appointment today, my 4th one since I started TSW and most likely my last consultation with one. He was pretty understanding and agreed with me about the side effects of TCS and that I overused them. However, he still recommended that I take oral prednisone to get my skin under control. I don’t doubt that prednisone would clear up my skin but I really believe that this will end up being a band aid treatment and once the round of meds are done I’ll have a rebound flare and will having further delayed my healing. Honestly, when it comes to eczema treatments, dermatology is still very much in the dark ages and they seem to think that corticosteroids are the only treatment.

My current condition sucks to be sure, but I have more or less learned to manage it and I really couldn’t bear starting this ordeal over from the start just to get a few weeks of temporary relief. Some people will call me brave for this decision and others, I’m sure, will call me stupid for disregarding doctors orders. What I really am is scared. I’m scared that my current condition is going to be the status quo for the rest of my life and I’m scared of taking medication that will leave me off in a worse place than I am now. Both paths are terrifying and rife with uncertainty.