Month 22 – October

The healing continues. Or at least, my symptoms don’t seem to be getting much worse. I’ve been sticking with the beeswax as a moisturizer along with Vitamin E and almond oil. Still get itch fits, but the severity of them has reduced immeasurably.

Something else that I’ve been trying this month is the Wim Hof breathing method. If you’re unfamiliar with Wim Hof, he holds 20+ world records for cold immersion, running a marathon in the desert without any water and hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts. He has also been the subject of scientific experiments where he was shown to be able to modulate his own immune systems through breath work and he believes that this is a teachable skill. It’s all pretty unbelievable but it has me very interested in what he says and a lot of the science behind looks to be legitimate, at least to me so far.

His intro breathing method is pretty simple; just do 3 rounds of 30 deep breaths and on the last exhalation of each set, hold your exhale for as long possible. I’ve been trying to do this whenever I get an itch attack and so far I think it has been very beneficial, if only for the fact that it distracts me until the urge to scratch has subsided. More than that though, I find when I attempt this I get chills all over my body but especially in my arms and my lower legs (which also happen to be the places where my eczema is the most flared). Afterwards I’m left in a much more relaxed state. It will be interesting to see if there are any other long term benefits that can help me get this condition under control.

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