How to make your own beeswax moisturizer



I’ve tried pretty much every moisturizer that’s on the market: aquaphor, cetaphil, cera ve, coconut oil. They would all help for awhile but eventually my hands would start to ooze a lot and just be awful to deal with. I’ve attempted moisturizer withdrawal several times but that has always rendered my hands too sore to deal with anything.

This beeswax moisturizer is the only moisturizer that I have found that my skin can actually tolerate for any extended period of time. It’s also quite cost effective.

In a large pot place flat wire steamer rack into pot, boil enough water to cover an inch up from the bottom of a large jar. Heat beeswax, jojoba oil in the large jar until wax is melted in. Add vitamin e and lavender, stir together. Pour into smaller containers and refrigerate until solid.

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