Month 23 – November


Not much change from last month. Still struggling to keep my hands and face intact, there’s also some pretty intense itching that happens around my ankles and feet from time to time. The skin on my hands looks like it’s thickening up and my face only has couple spots that are still oozing but I’m still dealing with pretty much full body redness. It’s a very slow process that makes me doubt whether or not this will ever go away since the progress I have made is somewhat minimal, physically. Mentally I feel a lot more clear headed than I can ever remember feeling. Part of that might be from cleaning my diet up, but I suspect a large portion of it is because I’m not rubbing stress hormone on my body twice a day.

It’s weird because when I talk to people about what I’m going through, they have been very understanding and think my diagnosis is the correct one. The only people I have gotten negative feedback from are dermatologists and doctors. They seem to think that this is all in my head and that I just have really bad eczema, despite the fact that I incorrectly used TCS for a very long time and have had over 25 different symptoms related to overuse of TCS and adrenal insufficiency that began shortly after cessation of use. I know that prescription topical steroids are a billion dollar industry but I had more faith in medical officials to do right by their patients than what I have received. I’m not sure if it’s ignorance or greed or a combination of the two but it’s been a real eye opening experience to the dangers of what seemed like benign pharmaceuticals.


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