Month 24 – December


This month I made a pretty great discovery. I started using jojoba oil and it has really alleviated a good portion of the cracks on my hands and wrists. My brother also got me some products from Living Libations: BeDew Dab and Best Skin Ever™ – Frankincense. Pretty bold claim but it seems to be helping quite a bit on my face. I also emailed the company and they recommended I stop using almond oil and witch hazel so I have omitted those from the beeswax balm I usually use and replaced them with just jojoba oil.

Another big thing I am about to try is the keto diet. My girlfriend and I have been researching all the potential health benefits from it and we have decided that it’s worth trying to see if it helps with my skin since it’s supposed to be an anti-inflammatory diet. I also have a history of diabetes in my family as well as dementia so those are also possibly remedied by the keto diet. Since beginning TSW I have noticed a difference in how strong my skin is related to how clean I am keeping my diet. It seems that the more vegetables and meat I eat, the less my symptoms bother me. When I have a lot of sugar I notice I am much itchier and the days following I have a lot more dead, flaking skin. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that several times over the course of the last 2 years but it bears repeating.

I’ve also taken up jumping rope since it’s reportedly good for the lymphatic system as well as a great form of cardio. I also have scrawny chicken legs so I’m hoping I get some sext calves out of the deal too.

3 thoughts on “Month 24 – December

  1. Derwin Umali

    Hi – I suffer from severe eczema as well and have looked into the Wim Hof method as a treatment. I was wondering if you are doing cold weather/water exposure along with your breathing? It was a struggle for me getting started, but I’ve had great results adding cold showers, and cold weather exposure to my regimen. Inflammation is gone way down. Let me know. I would love to see if this works for anyone else besides me that has our level of eczema.


    1. danomunro Post author

      Hi Derwin,
      I haven’t been doing too much cold exposure. I exercise outside and try to do the deep breathing at least once a day, to be honest I haven’t been as diligent with my Hoffing lately 😉 Glad to hear you’re getting results though, hopefully that trend continues and it helps you keep your eczema under control.


  2. Kane Cheung

    I would also like to see if Hoffing has helped you or not, my wife and both my kids also have eczema. My wife hasn’t tried WHM yet, but I have been doing it for 6 months and am telling everybody to try it. The method really does help with inflammation, which eczema falls under. My family always get flare ups at night, right when they are about to go to bed. I always thought this pattern was peculiar until I realized that they are experiencing a cortisol crash. The body releases cortisol throughout the day based on stress stimulation, but by the end of the day, the body slows down on cortisol levels to wind down for sleep. BAM, itchy skin. WHM can be useful in this case because it modulates cortisol, adrenaline and many hormones & chemicals. But it does need to be practiced with intent and commitment. The cold exposure (vasoconstriction & adrenaline release) and yoga (headstands, shoulderstands) are also a major part of the technique as they really train your circulatory system, getting your blood moving around and into places that usually doesn’t get much activity. But since eczema is more of a gut flora problem, WHM can only do so much to help.



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