Scientific articles & TSW related videos

Here is a list with links to some of the best scientific literature and videos I have found on TSW.

It’s good to have some evidence when talking to doctors and it’s also a wise to know how to communicate in their language.

This may also be helpful to convince skeptical friends or family members, if you have any.

(Personally the only people I’ve had a hard time selling the idea that I’m suffering from TSW have been doctors and derms.)


This was the video that made me realize what I was dealing with. Short video that pretty much gives you the broad strokes of this condition.

Current hypothesis in atopic dermatitis and red skin syndrome

This one is a little dry but does a great job of outlining the current hypothesis behind what causes rss and why. It’s made by a guy that has a Ph.D in immunology of allergies at McGill University. He also has a gofundme which could use some support.

Topical steroid addiction in atopic dermatitis

This paper is one of the most complete medical papers I have found on TSW/RSS. There are also a lot of great links in the reference section.

White Paper on Steroid Addiction by Dr. Marvin Rapaport

Dr. Rapaport has been one of, if not the, biggest dermatological proponents of RSS. He has a lot of great blog posts on his website relating to TSW/RSS.

Improvement of Atopic Dermatitis After Discontinuation of Topical Corticosteroid Treatment

This one is behind a pay wall but there is a  brief overview of the study and a preview of the first few pages of paper.

DermNet New Zealand

A great resource for all things skin related. Here is their write up on TSW.

A prospective study of atopic dermatitis managed without topical corticosteroids for a 6-month period

This study included over 350 people and it showed that allowing atopic dermatitis to heal on it’s own over a six month period actually had better results than using TCS over the same amount of time.

Histological and Immunohistological Findings Using Anti-Cortisol Antibody in Atopic Dermatitis with Topical Steroid Addiction

This is also a great paper that has a lot of pictures of skin samples that highlight, pretty clearly, what a weakened skin barrier looks like.


Every doctor appointment ever

This video pretty much sums up every consult I’ve had with dermatologists over the 2 year period that I’ve been battling this condition. Maybe you can avoid this meeting by showing your doctor some of these resources.

2 thoughts on “Scientific articles & TSW related videos

  1. Marvin Rapaport MD

    Thank you for including me in your recent note, albeit 4th down the list. To set the record straight, I began making the diagnoses 35 years ago at UCLA- started writing papers and giving lectures then- and have continued till today,, with 4000 cured patients. I coined the terms TSA, TSW, RSS I started ITSAN with my private funds. All the other sites you mention had either one patient to discuss (themselves) or folks looking for contributions because they were patients once . It appears that my efforts have been upstaged by all who followed as patients or those who purport to offer original work despite evidence to the contrary. Enough with the donations- let’s seek out MD’s who will care for these suffering patients


    1. danomunro Post author

      Hello Dr. Rapaport,
      Thank you for your ongoing diligence in regards to spreading awareness and treating patients who are experiencing TSA/TSW/RSS.
      This list was created in order to give other TSW sufferers something to show to their GP’s, to have some credible medical literature at their disposal. Your inclusion at 4th on the list in no way reflects my personal bias, or relevancy to the topic.
      Your comment about the other sites made up solely of other patients looking for contributions is incorrect. These papers are from legitimate sources who have a large body of, what appears to me to be, credible references at their disposal. To insinuate that they’re all just out looking for donations is, in my opinion, a flawed stance.
      Again, I appreciate your work uncovering TSW but you are not the only medical professional who has something to say regarding this topic and to discourage others from putting forward evidence or working on a cure for this affliction is more damaging in the long run to those suffering.



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