Monthly Archives: April 2017

Months 27 and 28 – March and April


There hasn’t been too much change over the last 2 months. My sleep is back to normal I would say. I still wake up once a night or so but I would say my sleep quality is back to that of the average person. My hands are still the part of my body that get me down the most; they are taking forever to heal. I can manage it for the most part with moisturizer but if I run out I’m in for a rough time. The cracks that form on my wrists and knuckles as well as the side of my hand are really painful. I tend to wear gloves for the most part to hide them and keep them from being exposed to the drying effects of the air.

I got a tip from someone online that their hands were in a similar state as mine and they discovered that it was because their acid mantle had been damaged from steroid use and the way that they fixed it was by soaking their hands in distilled vinegar for 5 minutes at a time. I tried this a couple of times recently and it was excruciating. After a couple of days I hadn’t noticed much change, so I don’t know if I can tolerate that level of pain for something that I’m not sure will work in the long run.

I’m hopeful that this will all be over soon. I have no way of knowing when or if my body will fully heal. I’ve let my diet suffer a bit lately too. It’s very costly, in both time and money, to maintain a proper keto diet and once you start to slide it’s hard to stop reverting to bad habits.