Monthly Archives: June 2017

Month 30 – June

Things seem to be getting back to normal more and more every day for me. Still having the odd flare once or twice a month that usually seems to be correlated with too much sun exposure or eating ice cream. So summer is always a challenging time of year for me.

I’ve been trying to reduce my use of moisturizer this past month. So far it seems to be going okay. I have to keep my hands covered for the most part since they’re so unsightly and still have some small cracks that I don’t want getting infected but the dry, flaky skin seems to form a protective barrier for the skin underneath to heal. Hopefully this moisturizer withdrawal continues to be more successful than my last attempts, which were nothing short of agony.

My lady and I are also going to attempt the autoimmune paleo protocol soon. We’ve been reading a lot about gut health and I really think that this could go a long way to control my flares and help heal my hands.

I’ve also been killing it with cold showers. With summer here they help a lot keeping the edema down (along with ice packs). I’ve gotten to the point now where even the coldest my shower gets isn’t cold enough for me. It’s a very refreshing way to start the day and I’ve heard that it helps boost your immune system functions.