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Month 31 – July

This month was pretty rough. My sleep hasn’t been great the past few weeks which really throws me off in my day to day life. I’ve started teaching music though so I’m able to work my life around my physical state rather than having to revolve my life around a job with a set schedule. We also started doing the auto immune protocol diet following the guidelines in this book. I’ve also been following the blog of Mikaila Peterson. She has battled a lot of different diseases in her life, from depression to rheumatoid arthritis and seems to have driven them into remission through changing her diet. My girlfriend also found this TSW blog that inspired her to try this diet out with me.

I’m hoping this autoimmune diet does the same for me. It’s pretty bland option wise, mostly just meat and vegetables. It’s also hard to eat enough to maintain what I would consider to be a healthy weight (I hover around 135-140 lbs right now, which I think puts me close to the underweight side given my height). The first few days of the diet I don’t know what was happening but my skin did not seem to like it.

We had gone camping the previous weekend so I indulged pretty heavily in foods that weren’t good for me: smores, chips, coffee with cream. I also had cherries which I didn’t think much of but cherries have always made my lips tingly so I assume I must be allergic to them. When we started the diet we were still eating them so it’s possible that I was having an allergic reaction to them and that’s what caused my skin to flare. That died down after a few days but then last weekend we went camping again and I was out in the sun for probably around 10-20 mins and by the time we got home I had broken out into a full body flare. It seems to have died down now and today my skin is feeling pretty good.

My skin is so unpredictable and it’s very hard to know what exactly to do to keep it from freaking out. I’m trying my best to stick to this diet as close as I can and so far we’ve been doing really well besides probably eating too much fruit. A lot of people don’t think diet has much to do with TSW recovery but I want to try it for two reasons: it gives me the only bit of control that I have in this situation and it’s no secret that food is largely connected to health so during this time I really need to give myself the best opportunity I can to heal.