Monthly Archives: September 2017

Month 32 – August

I’m 2 months into the autoimmune protocol now. It hasn’t really been the silver bullet that I was hoping for but I think there has been some improvement. I’ve heard from some people that it may take 3 months or more before you really start seeing results. The first month was really hard. I don’t know if it was a flare or a candida die off or what but I had a lot of trouble sleeping, I was constantly fatigued and my skin was sore and oozing all the time. It’s been a bit better lately. My sleep has improved (I still wake up in the middle of the night with a need to scratch or massage my hands or something and will lay awake for hours but compared to last month it’s much improved).

I also had a food allergy blood test done with a new naturopath I’ve been seeing. It was around $400 but I’m starting to really get desperate. Even though I’m on the AiP diet there still might be something that’s triggering me, it would also be helpful to know if there are some foods that I can add back in. The naturopath also gave me some neem cream with aloe. It’s been really helpful and I would say it’s probably the best moisturiser I’ve used to far. Although whenever I make a claim like that the moisturiser soon loses its efficacy.