Monthly Archives: October 2017

Months 33 – September

This month was pretty standard. No great change in my condition. Maybe a bit less itchy but I’m still dealing with a lot of itching and discomfort. My sleep has stabilized a bit but can still be unpredictable. I actually forgot to take any pictures during this month but there wasn’t much change from August though.

I received the blood results back from the IgG/IgE test that I had done. I don’t know exactly how much stock to place in it, it seems that it’s not a conventionally used diagnostic tool due to a lack of clinical evidence but from what I understand about it the test seems legitimate enough for me to try it, despite it’s cost.

The results were interesting: I have an IgE reaction to the mustard vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage), as well as shellfish, cherries, grapefruit, tomatoes, gourds (pumpkin, squash).  I have been advised to cut all of those foods out of my diet completely. In addition to that I also have been having an IgG reaction to foods like beef and all bovine dairy products, bananas, gluten, legumes, carrots, citrus fruits I will need to cut these foods out for 18 months or so.

I am pretty disappointed about the results but it was exactly unexpected. We’ve been on the Autoimmune Protocol for the last 3 months so a lot of those foods I already assumed that I had been having a reaction to and had already cut them. Shellfish and cherry I have observed a strong reaction to (I even had to go to the hospital once after a bad reaction to eating shellfish). The mustard vegetables and gourds were very surprising to me. I eat some kind of vegetable from the cabbage family more or less daily (cauliflower rice in particular has been a revelation in our house), gourds I eat regularly as well.

At this point with all the other diets I’ve tried I’m willing to try this one too. It means more adjustments but I’m getting pretty good at adjusting my diet so if this can help it’s worth trying as well. I was also glad that things like coconut and avocado didn’t raise any alarms.

Here’s a list of the foods I can eat:

Meat Vegetables Fruit Other
Chicken Avocado Apple Black pepper
Pork Beet Apricot Brown rice
Turkey Celery Papaya Flaxseed
Duck Garlic Pear Buckwheat
Venison Lettuce Plum Coffee
Buffalo Olive Pineapple Hazelnut
Rabbit Onion Raspberry Pecan
Caribou/Elk Spinach Strawberry Sunflower seed
Cod Artichoke Coconut Walnuts
Halibut Sweet Potato Mango Xylitol
Red snapper Parsnip Kiwi Stevia
Salmon Pomegranate