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Month 34 – October


I’ve already discussed the results of my IgG/IgE test, I neglected to mention that my naturopath also told me that I had dysbiosis, which means that the microbiota in my gut has been overrun with “bad bacteria”. I was also told that corticosteroid use kills the good bacteria in your system allowing the bad to take over and cause a myriad of negative health effects. This is likely what’s causing my skin issues at this point, at least that’s my current working theory.

I wanted to mention something about photosensitivity. I have been extremely photosensitive since I stopped using corticosteroids. If I’m out in the sun for more than 10 minutes, I’m burnt. The next  3 days or so I spend peeling and oozing. This summer I was camping with my girlfriend and her family. Her grandfather had also used topical steroids on his face for some pre-cancerous cells he had. Lo and behold, he can’t go out in the sun anymore either. I did a little bit of research and found this article that confirmed to me that topical steroids do in fact cause photosensitivity.

Since I’ve started withdrawing from TCS I’ve tried not to get mad about the medical communities response to this ailment. The incorrect diagnoses and the over prescription of dangerous pharmaceuticals, I’ve tried to keep a stoic mindset and just deal with my current circumstance, but it’s hard to conceal my rage over this. How did my doctors not know that TCS could cause photosensitivity? The doctor I originally went knew that I was a landscaper, why wasn’t I warned? My dermatologist prescribed light therapy (which was a very painful ordeal for me to go through) did he not know or just not care? This photosensitivity issue has cost me a lot of money since I am unable to work in the profession that I had grown accustomed to while also severely limited my employment options (I’m not qualified for a lot of office jobs and any other indoor job is usually labour intensive and you have to deal with a lot of allergens), not to mention the pain and suffering it has caused. I try not to dwell on it because the more I do the more furious I become at the situation I’ve been placed in. It would be nice if someone in the medical community would be held accountable but I fear these issues will go unaddressed for years to come.