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Month 15 – March

The last few weeks haven’t been too bad. I started working landscaping a few days a week this month, I keep my hands covered at all times but the conditions of the job makes my neck, hands and wrists pretty irritated at times and I beat them up pretty good. I’ve been attending UV therapy as well 2-3 days a week. Hard to say how much it’s helping. A lot of times afterwards, usually in the middle of the night, it feels like all my joints are sunburnt or something. My sleep schedule is much improved over the last few weeks. Having to get back to a regular schedule has helped. I still don’t sleep all the way through the night but who does these days?  A year ago was when I totally broke down while attending classes to be an electrician and wasn’t sleeping at all through the night. So I will take it as a sign of healing, even though I’m very tentative at proclaiming any progress since it feels like things can turn very quickly with this condition. Have to just keep trying to give my body the best chance to heal by drinking lots of water, eating good, healthy food and avoiding things that drag down my immune system.

Month 14 – February

This month will bring us up to date with where I’m at currently. From now on I will post pictures once a month at the least but I’ll probably start using this blog as a way to track my symptoms.

February has been pretty good. Been slacking a bit on my diet but I’m still going to UV therapy and I started using Sudocream on my hands along with Aquaphor and it has improved their condition a lot. I also started using Cera Ve moisturizer for the rest of my body and my skin has responded well to that too. Hopefully it keeps working. As I’ve said before, the hardest thing dealing with TSW and eczema in general is that nothing seems to work for very long.

Month 13 – January

This month I celebrated one year without any topical steroids. What a crazy ride it’s been. I’m pretty sure I battled some kind of skin infection during this month. I experienced a lot of night sweats, which was really disconcerting. To combat this I started going to the sauna in my gym. The gym is in my building so I figured it couldn’t hurt. I usually do about a half hour to 40 minutes in there. I try to sit in for 10-15 minute intervals with alternating cold showers. I’ve heard that this may also stimulate the lymphatic system which I need as well; my lymph nodes have been enlarged since I started TSW which is also quite disconcerting. I’m not sure how beneficial the sauna is to my skin health but it doesn’t seem to hurt at all. It’s very comforting actually, I find that I get chills easily since I started TSW as well and my sauna time is usually the only time of the day that I feel warm and comfortable.